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Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370  The disappeared plane is most likely to be found after the March 19, 2014!  A prediction based on hourly Astrology

The flight MH370 of the Malaysian Airlines to Beijing departed from the International Airport of Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014 at 00:41 local time. For eight days now the aircraft remains lost, not knowing anything about his fate and this of its occupants.

What happened to the aircraft? When will be found any traces? As days pass by scenarios flare up that terrorists wiped out the Boeing of Malaysian Airlines. The media expressed their fears at the first hours of its disappearance that terrorists will direct it over a residential area, where they couldcause destruction. But where may the ghost plane be at this moment?

According to the flight horoscope of MH370, based on the time of takeoff, the sign of Scorpio was rising!  Scorpio is ruled by Mars and is a symbol of water. Therefore it is not surprising that the last known position of the plane was over the sea.

The planetary scenery that prevailed during the takeoff time, alongside a rising Scorpio, was Saturn and Mars in the 12th house in retrograde movements. The 12th house symbolizes things that have been lost or hidden. Furthermore, it shows a lack of awareness, carelessness and possible errors.  With the larger planets involved in difficult aspects, there are also indications of struggle, tension, difficulty and confusion.

The aspect of Neptune on the edge of the 4th house, square Moon on the edge of the 7th house in Taurus, point out the possibility, that the pilots had lost their senses! The Moon in Taurus symbolizes jubilation and euphoria, while Neptune in his position, creates a veil of mystery and confusion, a climate of utopia and makes out of the plane a ghost!

The position of Jupiter in the 8th house indicates sudden events and a series of errors. From the pilot's horoscope we can resume, that his Sun formed an aspect in the 4th house. This means that the pilot was probably under great pressure, apart of the technical problems of the aircraft, also of persons, who worsened an already critical situation. Venus and Mercury from the 3th house show that the members of the crew lost contact with the ground due to technical disruptions and a series of mishandlings.

Mercuryrules the 7th house and Venus rules the 12th house, indicating tensions and a loss. Based on the position of the planets in the 12th house, there is a strong possibility, that a pre-existing technical malfunction in the mechanical system of the aircraft, triggered by the Mars-Saturn aspect, was evolved to a sudden and catastrophic event for the aircraft and its occupants.

If we point to the positions of Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, we can see that Uranus, the planet of the sudden events, is in the 4th house, this of the endings. Uranus in conjunction with the planet of death (Pluto) and abundance (Jupiter) form a difficult aspect; Pluto and Jupiter are in opposition (contrast). Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, in conjunction with Saturn symbolizes the body, and this aspect carries the uncomfortable message, that the body of the plane is dead, has been destroyed.

The hourly astrology, based on transits and progressions of a standardized methodology, can predict when the plane will be found. Transits of the day of the flight and the takeoff are extremely important! Based on the horoscope of the takeoff of the Boeing 777 and with the help of hourly astrology, we can identify the region, where the plane has probably 'reached'. The conclusion is that the pilots and all occupants were unconscious and the plane was flying on the automatic pilot for about another four hours! There is also the possibility that, in the final stage, the plane has exploded high in the sky. The larger pieces of the plane will be found in a crater in the ground (Scorpio is a water sign, but he is hiding in holes in the ground!), and possibly other smaller parts in the sea or in water (Scorpio - symbol of water) with the most likely date to be found from March 19, 2014 and onwards.

By astrologer Alinda Kanaki

March 16, 2014







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West Channel


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