Capricorn 2023 – Annual horoscope by Alinda Kanaki



1st January 2023 Saturn transit through 2nd house

The transit of Saturn to your second house invites you to acknowledge the real values of life. Especially regarding the area of your finances, you will need a proper management, because in the two and a half years of this transit, your financial sector will be tested. Beyond that, however, you should consider what your real needs are, which may be quite different from what you have thought so far.


1st January 2023 Jupiter transit through the 4th house

The transit of Jupiter through your fourth house will mean for you the quest for peace and tranquility, in a calm family atmosphere. It may give you the opportunity to improve your family environment and perhaps to buy a house or to move to another place. Be sure to acknowledge the opportunities you will be given, either to buy a house or to set up a business. It is the period that you will be given the most opportunities to get what you want from life. Only a little courage is needed. Success will come as a natural aftereffect, either immediately or a little bit later.


1st January 2023 Uranus transit through 5th house

The transit of Uranus from your fifth house will bring changes in your relationships with the opposite sex in your sex life. Though many things can happen throughout the time of the influence of Uranus, which lasts for about seven years, the bond that will be created will not last. Most likely, at the point of putting on hold your permanent relationship you will meet a person and begin something new, which will be exciting but temporary. Another area that will feel the impact of the planet will be your artistic and creative talents, which will now be expressed in a more innovative way. Children can give you also some worries and cares.


7th March 2023 Saturn transit through 3rd house

Over the next two years, your communication with siblings, relatives and neighbors will face some difficulties. You will have some restrictions on your communication with others or on your journeys that will lead you to change some of your values. You will discover new truths and hidden meanings, which they will help you to shape your new communication path with your surroundings.


14th May 2023 Jupiter transit through the 5th house

At this point, you’ll want to have the happiness that you deserve. Fun, love and creativity are the issues that you will deal with. In your love life, if you are single, it does not necessary mean that you will have a new relationship, but if you do, this relationship has the promise of longevity. You have the chance to improve your relationships with you children, and their success fills you with pride. If you are an artist, there is most likely the promise of wealth. Everybody, however, have a certain tendency to carelessness, fun and bohemian life.




1st January 2023 Mercury transit through 1st house

In the next few weeks, you will improve your communication with the others. You will have new ideas that you can express them in the best possible way. But you have the tendency to deal with many different activities, and you will not be able to handle them, all of them together. The solution is better planning of activities or projects.


1st January 2023 Venus transit through 1st house

The harmony in your personal relationships will be given and you’ll have the need to express to your loved ones all your tender feelings. You are calm and lacking any bad mood, in a way that you distract with your positive vibes even the most irritating ones. Your friendships will dominate your live and the atmosphere will be pleasant. You can pursue professional or sentimental meetings, take a few moments to yourself or make a gift to yourself. Your activities are better spent in pleasant occupations. Unpleasant ones can wait.


1st January 2023 Sun transit through 1st house

Beginning today and for a month, it is time to deal with your own issues. You will find that you are stressed and the impression you give to others will be not in favor of you. Beware, however, because this transit may also bring a tendency to arrogance, and this kind of behavior can cause the reaction of others. Take care of your own issues and be better alone, because partnerships are not favored this time.


1st January 2023 Mars transit through the 6th house

In the next period, the area of your work will be highlighted. It is time to work hard! The problem is that you dislike working for others. It would be better for you, if you have to work in groups or for an employer, if you could on a project alone, so to have some sense of independence. You also have to be careful not to bourn yourself out, which could weaken your stamina and cause problems to your health.


3rd January 2023 Venus transit through 2nd house

The period that follows will be particularly favorable for your finances, but you will also suffer some loses, especially if it concerns the purchase of valuable objects. Improving your finances is therefore a matter of good management. The time is suitable for some expensive “investments”, from paintings or decorating objects for your home, to some new clothes for your wardrobe, which will stand out for their beauty. But beware that these purchases should not exceed your financial capability.


20th January 2023 Sun transit through 2nd house

In the following period and for about a month, you will deal with what you think is worth in your life. It may be material goods or perhaps spiritual accomplishments, gained with your individual work and effort. Most likely, however, your attention is focused on your financial issues, and there is hope to improve your profit or your wealth, but there is an even possibility, that you may experience loses, if you use your wealth for your personal show of (impressive purchases, event organization, etc.).


27th January 2023 Venus transit through 3rd house

The following period will make you more enjoyable in your day-to-day relationships. Your communication with others will be lighter and more meaningful, and maybe you get to know new friends. You will have exchanges of messages, phone calls or correspondence with your social surrounding. Your relationship with your siblings or neighbors becomes warmer, while you can make some pleasant trips or walks, to visit or organize something new. It is time to live more pleasantly. The unpleasant thinks can wait.


18th February 2023 Sun transit through 3rd house

In the following period and for about a month you will deal with your acquaintances, relatives and friends or neighbors. You will be concerned about the current issues and you’ll have to perform multi-faceted actions. Be cautious and do not reveal your secrets, because others will not always have the best intentions about you. It is also very likely to have some short and interesting trips.


20th February 2023 Venus transit through 4th house

The upcoming month you’ll be willing to stay more at home, take care of it or spend more time in a family atmosphere. You’ll be interested in decorating, arranging furniture, but don’t do unnecessary purchases related to your house. Your relationships with your parents are getting better and you can hope for their sympathy and support. Beware of your diet, though. Count your calories, because some extra pounds are lurking.


16th March 2023 Venus transit through 5th house

The upcoming period you will have a break in your life. Put aside the darkness and concerns and prepare yourself for fun, entertainment and love. Your relationships will be characterized by beauty and lack of hypocrisy. Maybe some old relationship may resurface or a new acquaintance may occur. Allow yourself to live those days, without exaggerating. Yet during this period your relationships with children will be warmer, you will spend more time with them and you can meet their wishes. Finally, you can now express your artistic talent trough new creations.


21st March 2023 Sun transit through 4th house

In the following period you will be dealing with your house and your family. This time of the year you will stay longer at home and it is the perfect timing to resolve house or family related issues. You are most likely to get deeper into the issues regarding your house or family, or maybe there is a possibility to make a return trip to your roots. After this period, you may review many things that are related to home and family under a different viewpoint.


25th March 2023 Mars transit through the 7th house

Throughout this period of time, tension will dominate your life, which will be perceived both in your partnerships and in your relationships with your better half. You have to avoid your own moody mood. Show some spirit of compromise and there is always a solution. These conflicts can bring to the surface frustrations, which is best to be resolved as soon as possible.


11th April 2023 Venus transit through 6th house

Venus at your sixth house facilitates your relationships in the workplace. Although the practical side dominates and romance is missing, however, this helps to improve performance and resolve the various issues related to your job. Some new acquaintance may occur within your workplace. Beware of your health and your diet.


20th April 2023 Sun transit through 5th house

It’s time for you to forget your problems for a while and feel relaxed and carefree. In the following month do something creative, have fun and if you have any artistic interests, you will have increased productivity. Children occupy also a great deal of your attention and care. You’ll feel the need to flirt, to fall in love, to taste life. This is the time of the year, appropriate for holidays.


7th May 2023 Venus transit through 7th house

Over the next period for about a month, your partnerships and relationships, both sexual and professional, will be particularly favored. In your personal life a new relation may occur or, in case your relationship or your marriage faces significant problems, you’ll have the chance to solve them and regenerate your communication and the intimacy. In business relationships you will have the willingness to cooperate and resolve the problems, in order to avoid any rupture. Beware of your willingness to cooperate not to be considered as a sign of weakness.


20th May 2023 Mars transit through the 8th house

 The passing of Mars from the eighth house will mean some events that cannot be predicted, because they can range from very good to very bad. Your behavior can change and create conflicts with people, which will mostly affect your finances. Beware of your health, because it can suffer due to your very bad psychological state and predispose you to infections. Regarding your sex life, it is the period you seek pleasure rather than a tender and sensitive relationship.


21st May 2023 Sun transit through 6th house

After the fun you had, it’s now time to take a little care of your health, your diet and your work, which you may have neglected. It’s the right time to have some preventive medical exams, to start fitness training or take care about your diet. The urging of this transit is to serve in a way all those around you whether they are co-workers, customers or the persons you share your life with.


5th June 2023 Venus transit through 8th house

In the next period, your sex field will be highlighted, where the passion will dominate, the vigor of erotic desires, you will often overcome the limits, but also the jealousy and the possessiveness towards your partner. You may also learn some things about your partner that will affect your mood accordingly. In the financial sector you may be given a loan or an expensive gift, or your financial ability may improve thanks to your partner or an associate.


21st June 2023 Sun transit through 7th house

During the following period, you can review all kinds of partnerships, whether professional or social. You can weigh fairly the needs they meet and the gaps they leave. You dominate the spirit of righteousness and conscience in this period, so in the same spirit you will examine your relationship. In this endeavor, you will also need the opinion of a friend or partner who will be very helpful to you. The period is also appropriate to reconsider your marriage or a permanent relationship.


10th July 2023 Mars transit through the 9th house

 The upcoming period is excellent for your spiritual advancement, through channeling and in generally with spiritual issues. Defend your rights but not with fanaticism, and above all, avoid breaking the law. Do not start legal claims or court games now. It is better to seek of the opinion of people who could help you and be patients as possible, attend if needed some training sessions to burn some steam.


22nd July 2023 Venus transit through 9th house

The transit of Venus to your ninth house brings a focus of your interest in the fields of art and spirit. You may undertake a distant journey and visit new places, gain new experiences. It could be an ideal time for your holidays that would combine relaxation and intimacy. You are also likely to have new acquaintances, with people of different background or foreign cultures.


23rd July 2023 Sun transit through 8th house

Instead of being consumed by everyday’s life, keep your contact to your spiritual world and make the necessary adjustments in your life. It is time for new beginnings, for your rebirth. The finances associated with legacies, donations or some benefits you can claim, will also be favored.


23rd August 2023 Sun transit through 9th house

In the coming month you will be dealing with issues of higher education, obtaining a diploma, occupy yourself with politics or religion matters. You may have a distant journey or stay for a while abroad, where you will be given the opportunity to come in contact with a lot of people. Get away from your daily routine for a while and deal with some new intellectual activities.


27th August 2023 Mars transit through 10th house

 The period that begins today gives you a special favor to succeed in your professional life. Do not fear fatigue or dangers and you’ll have all the guarantees for success you need. If you are not a freelancer, you have to watch out, avoid arguing with supervisors or co-workers, because they will not see your progress well. Work in the background and methodically, avoiding mischief and success is on your side. Athletes, military personnel, engineers, etc. are particularly favored.


23rd September 2023 Sun transit through 10th house

In the upcoming period you have to take care of the image you present to the people around you, do your self-criticism, correct your possible mistakes and take care of your career. The professional sector will be the most favored in this period. You may be entrusted with important tasks, but these must be handled seriously. Evaluate your strengths and pay the necessary attention to your job, if you want to succeed.


9th October 2023 Venus transit through 9th house

The transit of Venus to your ninth house brings a focus of your interest in the fields of art and spirit. You may undertake a distant journey and visit new places, gain new experiences. It could be an ideal time for your holidays that would combine relaxation and intimacy. You are also likely to have new acquaintances, with people of different background or foreign cultures.


12th October 2023 Mars transit through 11th house

 In the following period, you have to deal with politics, trade unions, or for the sake of your community, not by yourself but in collaboration with friends or within a group. It will be very useful for you to have the support of others, and especially from people who have same interests with you. You may experience some strange reactions from those who do not understand your visions and goals and where they are addressed.


23rd October 2023 Sun transit through 11th house

In the following period, you will turn your attention more towards your friends and the people of your personal environment. You realize the importance of collaboration and fellowship, and all your efforts will be made in this direction, both in the professional and in the personal sphere. You can broaden the circle of friends and become established among them to spread your ideas, who will now be more accepted. Especially if you are the leader of a group, if you are active in politics or trade unions, you will now gain great recognition in your field.


8th November 2023 Venus transit through 10th house

In the period that follows, business issues are favored. Your partnerships become more harmonious, and your relationship with superiors in the hierarchy or to the superior social class helps you to evolve. You may bein favor of a high-ranking person, which will be very useful to you. As some barriers are loosened, you may be creating a sexual bond with a senior person in the hierarchy, or an older person, who will play the role of the teacher for you.


22nd November 2023 Sun transit through 12th house

In the following period, you will seek to improve your mental world. Some issues from your subconscious tend to come to the surface. You may turn your attention to occult and metaphysical arts and sciences. You may feel attached to some memories of your subconscious, which resurface emotional or psychological conflicts. However, now is the time to free yourself from your past, to distinguish the past from the present and make a fresh start in order to gain progress and growth.


24th November 2023 Mars transit through 12th house

 In the following period you should be on hand to avoid any complications due to plots against you by your enemies. It will be a period of tensions and mental upheaval, so be prepared! Avoid conflicts and confrontations and try to channel your energy elsewhere. And have in mind that after two months, you will have o host Mars in your sign and the atmosphere will be totally different.


4th December 2023 Venus transit through 11th house

The next few days are most suitable to be celebrated with your loved once or your friends. Now you will tighten your relationships, have more social appearances, partying or going out. Your permanent relationship is more balanced, as your partner becomes more prominent, and perhaps a new relationship is going to be born with a formal friend of your or an acquaintance from your friendly environment.


22nd December 2023 Sun transit through 1st house

Beginning today and for a month, it is time to deal with your own issues. You will find that you are stressed and the impression you give to others will be not in favor of you. Beware, however, because this transit may also bring a tendency to arrogance, and this kind of behavior can cause the reaction of others. Take care of your own issues and be better alone, because partnerships are not favored this time.


29th December 2023 Venus transit through 12th house

 The upcoming period will be characterized by the willingness to offer your love to your loved ones or to your whole community, through charitable organizations. Your sentimental life will also be characterized by the offer to your better half, which may not be worth it. Finally, it could be possible to start a secret love affair, but it may disappoint you later.


Happy New Year!

Alinda Kanaki




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