Sun Transit 20 January 2022 II Astrology calendar – Horoscopes II Alinda Kanaki

Aries 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 11t house

In the following period, you will turn more towards your friends and the people of your environment. You realize the importance of collaboration and fellowship, and in this light all your efforts will be made, both in the professional and personal spheres. You can broaden the circle of friends and become established among them to spread your ideas, which will now be more acceptable. Especially if you are the leader of a group, if you are dealing with politics or trade unionism, you will now have the greatest recognition in this field.

Taurus 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 10t house

In the next time you take care of the image you present to the people around you, do your self-criticism, correct your possible mistakes and take care of your career. The professional sector will be the most favored in this period. You may be entrusted with important tasks, but these must be handled seriously. Weigh your strengths and pay the necessary attention if you want to have success.

Gemini 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 9t house

In the coming days you will be dealing with issues of higher education, obtaining a diploma, politics or religion. Not at all strange to make a distant journey, either staying for a while abroad where you will be given the opportunity to come in contact with a lot of people. However, get out of the daily routine for a while and deal with some new intellectual activities.

Cancer 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 8t house

Instead of being consumed with everyday life, keep your contact with your inner world and make the necessary revisions. It is time for new beginnings, for some rebirth. The finances associated with legacies, donations, some benefits you can claim, will also have the first say.

Leo 20 January  2022 Transit Sun from 7t house

During the following period, you can review all kinds of partnerships, whether professional or social. You can weigh fairly the needs they meet and the gaps they leave. You dominate the spirit of righteousness and conscience in this period, so in the same spirit you will examine your relationship. In this endeavor, you will also need the opinion of a friend or partner who will be very helpful to you. The period is also appropriate to reconsider your marriage or a permanent relationship.

Virgo 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 6t house

And now it is time, after the fun to take a little care of your health, your diet, and your work, which you may have neglected. Now you can do some medical examinations, start a fitness program, or worry a bit more with “calories”. A feature of the days will also be to serve others, whether they are co-workers, customers or your close environment.

Libra 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 5t house

So it’s time for you to forget about the problems for a while and feel relaxed and carefree. The next month you deal with something creative, fun, if you have artistic interests you will have increased productivity, while children will also have a great deal of care. You will also feel the need to flirt, to fall in love, to taste life. Now the time would be appropriate for holidays.

Scorpio 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 4t house

In the following time, you will be dealing with your home and your family. Now you will stay longer at home, you will manifest some activities within it, some related issues are now time to resolve. You are most likely to get deeper into the house you, some return to your roots is possible. Perhaps after this time, you will review many things that will be related to home and family after some self-concentration and self-analysis.

Sagittarius 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 3r house

In the following period and for about a month, you will deal with your acquaintances, relatives and friends or neighbors. You will be concerned about the current issues and will be such a multi-faceted show that will take you a little 24 hours of the day to get everything done. Be careful! Although it’s good for this, look a little cautious and do not reveal all your secrets, because others will not always have the purest intentions. Very likely some short and interesting trips.

Capricon 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 2n house

In the following period and for about a month, you will deal with what you think is worth in your life. It may be material goods or perhaps spiritual possessions gained with your individual work and effort. Most likely, however, it’s all your attention to focusing on your financial issues, and there is hope to improve them, but there is a possibility that they may get worse if they are used for your personal show (impressive purchases, event organization, etc.).

Aquarius 20 January 2022 Transit Sun from 1s house

Since today and for almost a month, it is time to deal with yourself and your own issues. You will find that your personality is stressed and the impression you will make to others will be proportional. Beware, however, because this may also create some arrogance for you, but it can also cause the reaction of others. Take care of your own issues and better alone, because the partnerships are not favored much this time.

Pisces 20 January   2022 Transit Sun from 12t house

In the following time, you will seek to improve your mental world on the one hand, and on the other hand some things from your subconscious tend to come to the surface. Maybe you are turning to study and engaging in metaphysical research or studies, you may feel attracted to some memories of the subconscious in emotional or psychological conflicts. However, now is the time to ripen what you have within you, to revise your stance and to delimit the present from the past and make a fresh start to progress and evolution.

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By Astrologer Alinda Kanaki


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